Scholarships and awards for young scientists

The foundation has awarded several scholarships since its establishment. According to the limitation laid down in the statutes, these are not living stipends, but rather support of a maximum of 6000 € per year to qualified young scientists (especially doctoral students). As far as research grants for young Jewish scientists are concerned, the foundation coordinates with the State Association of Jewish Communities in Hessen. As a rule, funding is conditional on the research project having a close connection to Erwin Stein's life or work and thus to the profile of the foundation. The following are some examples of previous funding activities:


Doctoral scholarship for Mrs. Verena Freiin Schenk zu Schweinsberg, University of Heidelberg (Subject: The "Liber Revelationum" Richalms von Schöntal)


Doctoral scholarship for Johannes Gröb, Faculty of Law at the University of Gießen ( Subject: "Alternative legal forms of school in the course of increased school self-administration.) Research and doctoral scholarship for Johann Julius Goldmann, European University Viadrina, (Subject: "Mediation in the Tensions between Legal Development and Legal Transformation in Transitional States - Comparison of Law and Analysis of the Development of Mediation Law in Southern Europe.")


High recognition for Dr. Marcin Gołaszewski. His outstanding services in promoting the partnership between the Justus Liebig University of Giessen and the University Łódź were honored by the award of a certificate at a ceremony at the University Łódź on 15.10.2009.


Habilitation scholarship for Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Degenkolb, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Ecotrophology and Environmental Management at the University of Gießen (Subject: "Isolation and structure elucidation of peptide and low-molecular bioactive natural products by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (LC/ESI-MS) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GS/MS)")


A scholarship for Xiaolin Gong, Department of Economics at the University of Giessen for a diploma thesis with the topic: "Chinese Accounting and Problems of its Application in German-Chinese Joint Ventures.


Habilitation scholarship for Dr. Patrick Gödicke, Department of Law at the University of Gießen (Subject: "Form declarations in medicine - legal control standards for consent in medical treatment and research.")


Doctoral scholarship for Inbal Steinitz, Department of Law at the University of Frankfurt am Main (Subject: "The Criminal Legal Protection Work of the Centralverein against Anti-Semitism in the Empire and the Weimar Republic").


Scholarship for Philipp Fränkel, University of Manchester for his Master of Engineering thesis.


Doctoral scholarship for Kamil Arslanow, Faculty of Law at the University of Giessen (Subject: "The functions of the legal institute of moral damages (compensation for pain and suffering) in the case of an intrusion into the honor, social reputation and private sphere of another. A comparative legal analysis of Russian and German law".

Scholarship to finance a research stay in the USA for Dr. John S. Hanebeck from the Faculty of Law at the University of Giessen within the framework of the exchange program for young scholars with the Law School of the University of Madison, Wisconsin (USA).


Habilitation scholarship for Dr. jur. Johannes Caspar, Faculty of Law at the University of Hamburg (Subject: "Animal protection under the aspect of legal philosophy - an outline of the history of ideas on animal ethics").

Research scholarship for Dr. phil. Wolfgang Müller-Commichau, Obermorchel (Subject: "Appropriation and Identity of Adult Education Processes in Jewish Communities Today").


Doctoral scholarship for Cornelius Pawlita, Faculty of Law at the University of Giessen (Subject: "Reparation as a question of law? - The Political and Legal Debate on Compensation for National Socialist Persecution Victims with Special Regard to Forced Labor from 1945 to 1990").